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Dan Miranda Chicago
Hey, Jason.  love your site.  I'm going 
to take an 1150RT on a month trip. 
I've never gone more than 700 miles 
and i would love your advice.    
please email me.  Thanks alot.  
2004-03-17 15:31:50
crashbaby04(Kat) Texas
 Like the site,,love the pictures,,I 
have been over Talemina drive myself.
2004-03-14 22:53:14
cr nm
pruedoe bay
2004-03-14 11:35:15
Herb Laun Everett, WA
2004-03-09 15:41:15
Elvis Memphis
Nice site, baby.
2004-02-29 18:18:46
Tom and Rosie Sperry Hanford, CA
Enjoyed the 48+ write-up, great site!
Rosie and I will attempt "long way" to 
Hyder this year.  Looking forward to 
meeting you there.  If we have any toll 
road money leftover, we'll buy you a 
2004-02-19 10:23:06
Mike Denson Tampa, FL
Jason,  nice site, interesting ride 
reports.  All ldriders owe you a note 
of thanks for your efforts in the IBR 
to help Alan.
2004-01-26 12:59:02
Paul Kieffer Denver Co
Good site. See you again in Hyder and 
who knows, the pan-am?
2004-01-20 12:19:46
Jumper Memphis, TN
Good writing and lots of useful 
information.  Thanks for sharing!
2004-01-17 18:51:30
Slowmo San Diego, Ca
Nice music collection.  I'm putting 
mine online, check it at www.black-
kaw.com, follow the link to favorites, 
then jukebox.  Hope to see you in 
Tombstone this weekend.
2004-01-15 16:26:00
JoAnn "Ittie" Hargis Gun Barrel City, TX
Hi Jason, this is JoAnn.    John is in 
Alpine, TX. staying with some friends 
of ours.   He was on his way to 
Tombstone to meet up with the rest of 
you "hoodlums", but the weather is in 
the 40 something's, wind is blowing, it 
is raining and as
2004-01-15 12:32:19
Lloyd Gardner Everett, WA
Best site award so far.  You are a 
inspiration and a true LD rider.  I 
hope to be like you when I grow up.
2004-01-13 13:08:00
Michael Cortes Orlando, FL
Nice site, I hope to meet you down the 
road as I am getting more and more 
into competitive LD riding instead of 
just LD riding for the heck of it.
2004-01-12 14:57:25
Skip Lyon Euless, TX
Quality stuff here, Jason. Made it 
seem like you were actually there. ;)
Good to see you again and the MTF gang 
at Dick's Sunday. 
 C'mon spring...
2004-01-05 14:58:26
Larry & Karen Goodwin Inverness,Florida
Jason,Nice meeting you at Stagcoach. We 
had a great time,it was are first 
Stagecoach ride. 983miles,the FJR was 
flawless. Neet site. seeya
2003-12-29 21:12:19
Bon Moab
Great Site!
2003-12-21 19:09:46
THE Patrick Snowy MN
That bike makes your butt 
look big...   ;)
2003-12-20 09:40:36
Patrick O'Hara Upland, California
Great Stuff.
2003-12-18 09:41:19
Ben Franz Baltimore, Maryland
Awsome site. I'm looking for 
a GS a soon as I sell my 
intruder. Bookmarked your 
site so I can finish read 
about your trips. I hope to 
have some of my own soon!
2003-12-15 18:15:01
Gerald Roberts Ashdown,Arkansas
Great site. Lots of good 
2003-12-14 18:25:52

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